Digital Teachers List to Keep You Motivated in the Summer Stretch

While many of my colleagues have the fortitude and focus to completely let their brains rest and refresh in the summer time, mine has a tendency to keep running at full speed for weeks on end. Though I know that some of my energy gets used up on graduate coursework and readings, much of it doesn’t have anywhere to go. In an effort to keep from emailing links to colleagues over and over for the next month until they politely and jokingly laugh at my inability to relax, I dove into the world of blogs and Twitter, keeping up with other colleagues like me – machines with a broken “off” switch!

Below, you can find a list of blogs and Twitter users to follow who put out a multitude of course ideas (particularly geared toward high school and English, FYI), technology resources, engagement strategies, and more to keep your fire going through August:


Eat. Write. Teach. 

Thirty Something and Fabulous

Sam & Scout

The Curly Classroom

Teaching Teens in the 21st

An Ethical Island


Twitter Users:

Tom Murray

Jenny Grabiec

Scott McLeod

Donalyn Miller

Kaelyn Bullock

Dylan Wiliam

Eric Sheninger

Jackie Gerstein

Rik Rowe

Marzano Research Lab

By keeping up with those above and the many others on the internet, we can keep our interests up and refresh our brains during the summer, without completely checking out. For me, I don’t feel so blind-sided by the end of August if I keep up just a little bit with my ideas during the summer. Only then do I feel prepared for the beginning of the school year instead of bewildered at how the summer flew by so quickly!


3 thoughts on “Digital Teachers List to Keep You Motivated in the Summer Stretch

  1. Rachel, nice entry. While not a requirement for lists or links entries, a good habit to get into is to always annotate your lists or your links. It gives the reader a sense for why things were chosen, like a little window into your thinking.

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