Post-Things Fall Apart: TED Talk – Andrew Bastawrous (Audio Post)

As part of my 10th grade literature class, students study a variety of World Literature including the juxtaposition of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. One of the frustrations I have in studying both of these novels is that students still walk away with an image of 19th century or maybe at latest early 20th century Africa. The bottom line is, many of my students tend to believe that the history they study is still true today in much of the continent, with a few exceptions. However, with podcasts like the one below from Andrew Bastawrous on the exceptional technology development coming out of various countries in Africa, and videos from MamaHope and another TEDTalk video from Chimamanda Adichie “The Danger of a Single Story,” my students start to get a very different and very modern picture.


One thought on “Post-Things Fall Apart: TED Talk – Andrew Bastawrous (Audio Post)

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast! You have shared an excellent way to use it in your classroom to break down misconceptions. Podcasts help the listener use their “imagination” to picture what the speaker is describing. I think this is one of the reasons why I love them. Thanks for sharing!

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