Your Relationship with Reading (Poll post)

Dear Reader. I married him. Ha kidding – English teacher joke (Jane Eyre). Anyway – dear readers, I would like to ask you a favor. I will be teaching some less than enthusiastic readers this year, and I was hoping to give them a picture of what adult readers look like. Most of my students think that teachers were born good readers, always like to read, were always good at reading, and read high level literature for fun all day long. Meanwhile, they think, normal people don’t. So I’m hoping to utilize this week’s post and poll to test out my hypothesis (that that’s just not the case). If you could take a moment and just answer a couple of questions below about your reading habits, your earlier reading experiences, and your current reading habits, that would be great. I will be sharing this information, anonymously, with my students as evidence (hopefully) that reading isn’t just for English teachers and that their preference for it might change over time.

Thanks for your time!


9 thoughts on “Your Relationship with Reading (Poll post)

  1. When I was a young child in preschool, I called out ALOT. Never raised my hand. Could not sit still. Because I was young (around age 3), my punishment was to go to the book room alone to read. I was also not really sure why I was sent off to stand and find a book to read…it was around 1980. I remember looking at the books and the colors on the spines of the books thinking,”I’m a little kid. I can’t read. This stinks.” So, I would stand and look at the titles until the rest of the group finished their work. In my little mind, it was an eternity. It was not until I was in my 30’s that I truly enjoyed reading! Yes, a grown woman who finally was inspired to read. Ironically (not to toot my own horn), I was a very good writer. I’m not sure how that works (aside from the fact I LOVED learning vocab, looking up definitions in the old-fashioned dictionary and creatively writing sentences.) I’m glad I was able to rediscover reading! It’s a blessing that I did not lose my interest forever 🙂

    • That breaks my heart, but I’m so happy to know that it turned around! Stories like that sit with kids for so long, and I know I hear them in high school. It’s always done with good intentions, of course, but you never realize how something so small can be interpreted so specifically by a young mind.

      What’s your favorite vocab word? I’ve recently started following someone on Pinterest who just posts really beautiful and interesting words, not for SATs or anything but just for knowing. I love them!

  2. I was never a reader until college and now I am huge reading nerd, so it’s never too late to start! Also, for my wedding I had a broach bouquet and one of my broaches had your Jane Eyre quote on it…a gift from my sister-in-law as well as a Hogwarts broach, to prove what a reading nerd I am these days!

    • Ah!! I lady after my own heart!! I’m thrilled to know it! While I didn’t have anything exactly book related on my bouquet, I did have a ribbon given to me by my high school English teacher, so that sort of counts. 🙂 I just love books so much, not for the analysis but for the lives you get to know when you read, like Jane and Harry! Thank you for sharing, and I will definitely share this with my students. 🙂

  3. Does this count? I love reading tutorials and DIY type of things with cooking or just IT stuff. I’m not big into reading actual books. I read a lot when I was younger but now the only reading I find myself doing is when I am trying to learn to do something.

    • Absolutely! I don’t just want answers that fit into the mold of what I like to do, otherwise my kids will see right through that. Thank you – definitely counts!

  4. Awesome questions! I hated reading in school!! I avoided all reading for fun until I was out of college; now I love it!!! I love finding an author I can follow. I love reading books about mystery. I love reading to relax. I love my book collections I have in my house, even though I now love my Nook too. Finally, I love math, math and more math!!!! I’m now a math teacher!!!!!

  5. I may be an exception but I never remember a time when I didn’t love reading. I went to the public library as a child and checked out as many books as I was allowed. Always loved reading…..Madeline books, Judy Blume, Richard Peck, Jane Austen, Hemingway, Grafton. I love it all!

    • No! You’re not an exception! I did too, but I think when I say that to my students they just think that’s because I’m a teacher or because I’m an English teacher. So I think it means that, just a little, I can’t relate to them or they don’t hear me when it comes to reading. So I think it’s powerful for them to see that other types of readers exist, not just female English teachers!

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