Blogging Plan (August & September)

As my EdTech 537 course comes to a close, the final assignment asks us to develop a blogging plan so we might continue this discourse beyond the boundaries of a graded assignment. Initially, I was skeptical about how I would ever be able to do such a thing during the school year, since we all know teachers become time-crunch robots come September 2nd (August 1st if we’re honest). However, as I started developing this blogging calendar, I began to see how beneficial this might be for me, selfishly. I’ve decided to blog two ways – one as a teacher on this blog, outlining my classroom practices and reflecting on what happens in my room (honestly but respectfully, of course). And then two, opening a blog for my department to post student writings, so we might use it as a means of building community in our district and our building, showing off student work beyond just our bulletin boards.

Below, you will find the blog plan for this blog in August and September. The overall focus is the realities of a high school English classroom, with August focused on planning the curriculum for struggling readers in 11th grade American Literature, and then September focused on reflection on those plans. I want to also post some of what I do in the classroom, the technologies I use, and the honest discussions of what worked and what didn’t from my original August plans. I think this becomes powerful for me because it will help me to organize my thoughts as a teacher and give me a place to positively reflect, instead of moving into that place many of us find ourselves come February and March, down-trodden and looking for any exit possible. If I can use this blog as a floatation device for self-reflection and self-improvement, I might just be able to keep my head a little higher above water when the months get long, the days get long, and the sun seems determined to sleep for even longer. I hope you’ll join me!

August_plan September_plan



3 thoughts on “Blogging Plan (August & September)

    • Ha! Ambitious is a good word for it! I’m hoping that by making it super specific, I can stick to it more than if I made it more general. Plus, a lot of this matches to what I would normally be doing anyway, so this way it’s just a matter of reflecting on what I’m doing in a public forum instead of just in my head. šŸ™‚ Fingers crossed! And thanks for following šŸ™‚ What do you teach? What level?

  1. Plans work for me. Actually without one is when I fail. Some people can wing it, remember, get to it whenever not me…I am handcuffed to a calendar most days of my life. I am enjoying your blog.

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