Disclosure Page

Unless otherwise noted in a specific post, I am not sponsored by any product lines or companies nor provided with free materials for review or use. All of the opinions in this blog are my own, without pressure from a sponsoring organization, company, or person.

As such, this blog is initially used as part of a graduate program through Boise State University’s Education Technology program and then will become part of my classroom work at Quakertown Community High School, where students will post their own reading and writing experiences, authentic work, book reviews, and more. Therefore, my compensation is only provided by that school district, as part of my job, and no other outside sources. In addition, this blog is hosted, for free, on WordPress without compensation from any outside source.

As a public school educator, and with a blog meant to be a part of my own education  experience and then the experience of my students, my political, religious, and spiritual beliefs do not come into play, nor do any investments I have with unrelated sources, with this blog and the opinions and ideas expressed herein.


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